Transitioning through to your young adult life can be challenging and you may be feeling a little lost, or experiencing internal and external pressures on what to do. Or you may have specific goals & not yet be sure what to tackle first or where to start!

At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we can support you to have a quiet holding space where you will not be judge, pressured or told to do something.


You may have or are experiencing bullying: online, at work, socially, & you feel alone or think there are no options. There are options, solutions & things we can support you through. 

At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we can support you in a confidential, safe and caring environment.

- We unpack these pressures.

- We can support you with personal goal setting.

- We listen without judgement, dictation and discuss options available, so you can refocus on what it is that you want.

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