Personalised approach to support parents/carers to continue their role in providing vital supports. 

Building parent/carers capacity with circles of support – formal and informal support.​​

* Support with building relationships within the home.  

* Support parent/carers in understanding behaviours as a means of communication & strategies to help communicate positively. 

* Supporting parent/carers in teaching, learning & practising positive behaviour example; positive reinforcement.

* Supporting parent/carers in identifying & building their strengths to help work towards the loved one's goals & development.

* Empowering & developing parent/carers capacity to navigate appropriate community & NDIS supports.

* Supporting parent/carers in identifying & learning self-care strategies

* Supporting parent/carers in building their capacity to problem solve & find solutions to help their loved one reach their NDIS goals & personal goals.

* Supporting parent/carers to feel more confident in their parenting to better support their loved ones reach their NDIS goals & personal goals.

* Supporting parents/carers to foster & develop their skills to advocate.

* Support parent/carers with suggestions to get the most out of their support & their loved one’s NDIS plan.

* Support parents/carers in identifying gaps in services. 

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